Become a Reseller

Thank you for your interest in Sunbelt Outdoor Products, before we can begin the process of making you a customer of Sunbelt Outdoor Products, we want to inform you of the expectation and account approval process. Sunbelt Outdoor Products’ business model is to provide parts to vendors, and the vendors sell those parts to their customers, we do not sell our products directly to the end user. In order for your business to purchase products from Sunbelt, you must sell or service lawn and garden equipment, and have a business license and state tax certificate (or equivalent) on file and our accounting department is required to perform a credit check on your business for final approval.

*Important: We will not process any applications without a tax certificate (or your state/province equivalent) and a signed application.

Getting Started

The first step in becoming a reseller to complete the credit application and submit it to:

Sunbelt Outdoor Products
a Division of ATI Products, Inc.
1020 22nd Ave. PO Box 8
Rock Valley, IA 51247


Fax the completed application to 877-316-7387

If you have any questions, or to receive a hard copy of the Credit Application, please call Customer Service, at 1-800-657-4343.

We appreciate your interest, and look forward to doing business with you!