XHT Lawn Mower Blades

XHT Lawn Mower Blades

XHT & Predator blades from Sunbelt Outdoor Products

It's the XHT (Extreme Hardness & Toughness) difference. XHT blades starts with the steel. All XHT mower blades are made from extra durable steel. XHT lawn mower blade provide the best hardness, strength, and durability of any mower blade on the market today.

XHT blades are heat treated by a patented process which takes the austempering methods a step further. The XHT manufacturing process produces the best lawn mower blade in the industry. XHT & Predator blades are stronger, harder, and last longer. XHT blades can be found in a variety of types. You can get XHT blades in medium lift, highlift, low lift, toothed, high lift - notched, medium lift - notched, and mulching.

The benefits of XHT blades include:

  • Increased hardness (between 48-52 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale), without brittleness
  • Great yield strength - the stronger mower blades on the market
  • Last longer and need to be sharpened less frequently
  • Better impact toughness (ANSI-S483 complaint)
  • Increased resistance to bending
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Reduce weight
    • Faster start/stop
    • Less wear on PTO clutch break
    • Lower fuel consumption

Predator blades start with the same steel and go through the same proprietary process as all our XHT blades. The Predator blade offers superior mulching capabilities over traditional mulching blades. The airflow tooth design increases blade strength while producing more airflow for smaller clippings. predator have all the same benefits as our XHT blades.