Xtreme Clutch

Xtreme Clutch

Sunbelt Outdoor Products prides itself on delivering Choice, Quality, Price and Service. In partnering with Xtreme Outdoor Power Equipment, you will continue to receive top notch service from Product Support and Customer Support teams. You will have the Choice to purchase an Aftermarket Performance Clutch that offers an economical and competitive price point while not dismissing the fact that you need a quality product.

So, how did Xtreme take your equipment’s original PTO clutch design and make it better?

Machined Pulleys
CNC machined billet pulleys are stronger, quieter, smoother and maintain stable and faster blade speeds. Billet pulleys are used on performance applications like NASCAR engines because they don’t spread under load like cheap formed pulleys. When a formed pulley spreads, the belt sinks deeper into the groove. This lowers the belt speed and slows down your blades.

FATBOY Bearing
Xtreme has increased the size of the pulley bearing to improve bearing life. The number one failure of lawnmower clutches is the pulley bearing. Xtreme’s new FatBoy series used top grade bearings and has a massive replaceable pulley bearing.

High Temp Bearing
Xtreme’s special blend of bearing grease is rated more than two times what is required, delivering Xtreme bearing life. Electromagnetic clutches run very hot. High temperatures and vibration are rough on bearings. All Xtreme series clutches use a highly engineered bearing with a PROPRIETARY blend of high temperature grease and harder races to ensure a longer service life.

Replaceable Bearing
The pulley bearing takes a serious beating and is almost always the first thing to go bad. For that reason Xtreme design has a replaceable pulley bearing.

Stainless Steel Rivets
The Xtreme design uses stainless steel brake rivets instead of weak aluminum or copper rivets. Safety is important here. Longer and safer service life.

Electromagnetic clutches run very hot. Most competitive clutches run around 220 degrees. The Xtreme PROPRIETARY composite coil runs 175 degrees. Less heat – extended life.

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