Chemicals & Cleaners

Posted November, 2019
Chemicals and Cleaners
A-2417C Brake & Parts Cleaner

Brake & Parts Cleaner (13oz)

● Part No. A-2417C
● Removes oil, grease, and brake fluid with no residue
● For use on all ABS, disc and drum brakes
● Formulated to meet VOC requirements in California.
● Package Qty: 12
A-6732 - Starting Fluid

Starting Fluid - 50% Ether Blend (7.2 oz)

● Part No. A-6732
● Premium 50% ether blend
● Helps start stubborn engines fast in cold weather
● Contains upper cylinder lubricants
● Performs to -65°F
● Package Qty: 12
A-910-06R Streak Free Foaming Glass Cleaner

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner (19oz)

● Part No. A-910-06R
● Streak free foaming glass cleaner is crystal clear.
● 100% Ammonia free
● Package Qty: 12
A-4723 Chain & Cable Lube

Chain & Cable Lube (10oz)

● Part No. A-4723
● Helps in preventing rust corrosion
● Can be used on low speed conveyors, drive chains, hoists, pulleys, rollers, garage doors, bushings, seals, o-rings and other applications
● Package Qty: 12
A-4602 Multi-purpose Penetrating Oil

Heavy Duty Penetrating Oil (12oz)

● Part No. A-4602
● A lubricant and penetrate
● Special additives loosen rust and soak into subsurface areas
● Package Qty: 12
A-4641C Carb & Choke Cleaner

Carb & Choke Cleaner (12oz)

● Part No. A-4641C
● Formulated to meet VOC requirements in all 50 states
● Removes varnish, sludge, and other deposits from carburetor, linkage, PCV valves, automatic choke and air intake
● Package Qty: 12