High Quality Grease Solutions

Posted December, 2019
High Quality Grease Solutions

Sunbelt Outdoor Products is now offering high quality grease solutions. Our selections include Heavy Duty Lithium Grease with 3% molybdenum disulfide, General Duty Grease, and Long-Lasting Grease for High Temperature and Extreme Pressure.

B1GRMOL Heavy Duty Lithium Grease

Heavy Duty Lithium Grease

● Part No. B1GRMOL
● Recommended for conditions of heavy shock loading
● Excellent high temperature stability
● Protects against corrosion and oxidation
● Not recommended for high speed roller or ball bearings
B1GRLIT - General Purpose Grease

General Duty Grease

● Part No. B1GRLIT
● Used in general purpose applications
● Protects against corrosion and oxidation
● Provides long-lasting lubricant film
● Used on metal to metal contact
● Applications: hinges, CV joints, gears, slow moving bearings

Long-Lasting High Temperature

● Part No. B1GRPOL
● Protects against corrosion and oxidation
● Provides high temperature protection under heavy load for extended time
● Applications: fast moving bearings, pumps, pulleys, internal engine parts