Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can

Posted October, 2019
Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can

Life Can Be Complicated, Your Gas Can Shouldn't Be

You expect certain DIY projects to be challenging, that's part of the fun (or what you think will be fun before you start). But you don't expect getting fuel out of your Gas Can to be the hardest part of your day. If you read the reviews on most Gas Cans sold today, that's exactly what's happening. The GarageBOSS Press 'N Pour Gas Can proves that you can make a reliable, compliant fuel container that's actually easy-to use. The simple press button operation and precision flow control make filling your machines easier and reduces the chances to overfill or spill. Available in 1+ Gallon, 2+ Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes.

B1GB310 - Press 'N Pour Gas Can

Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can, 1 Gallon

This 1 gallon gas can is deal for keeping your small power equipment running all year round. Perfect size for trimmers, leaf blowers and edgers. Made in the U.S.A.

● Part No. B1GB310
● 1 Gallon Capacity
● CARB/EPA Compliant
B1GB320 - Press 'N Pour Gas Can

Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can, 2 Gallon

This 2 gallon gas can is a great addition to any garage. Its small size and easy to use spout make it the perfect can for 2 cycle oil. Made in the U.S.A.

● Part No. B1GB320
● 2 Gallon Capacity
● CARB/EPA Compliant
B1GB351 - Press 'N Pour Gas Can

Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can, 5 Gallon

Keep your medium and large gas-powered equipment fueled with the easy pour spout. The unique spout and can design allow for 20% fast fueling times. Made in the U.S.A.

● Part No. B1GB351
● 5 Gallon Capacity
● CARB/EPA Compliant
B1GB356 - Press 'N Pour Gas Can

Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can, Diesel & Kerosene

Need a new diesel or kerosene fuel can. This Press 'N Pour can is right for you. Whether your power lawn equipment, generators, or compact farm equipment this can is a great fuel option.

● Part No. B1GB356
● 5 Gallon Capacity
● CARB/EPA Compliant
B1GB410 - Press 'N Pour Gas Can Spout

Press 'N Pour Gas™ Can Replacement Spout

● Part No. B1GB410
● Fits all GarageBOSS as well as Briggs & Stratton & Wedco Portable Fuel Containers
● Intuitive fuel dispensing, just press and pour
● Endorsed by Briggs & Stratton
● Made in the U.S.A.